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Näin brändäät omaa osaamistasi

Miten voit brändätä omaa osaamistasi ja kokemustasi? Miten voit erottua muista työnhakijoista tai palveluntarjoajista? Ks. oheiset uudet videot ja kuuntele uusi podcast (linkki lopussa): Kolme tapaa tunnistaa ja kuvata omaa osaamista Kolme keinoa brändätä itsesi työnhaussa Oman osaamisen markkinointi 3


What Will You Do When Your Job Search Takes Longer Than Expected?

Most recruiters today advise their clients that the average search for a professional position lasts about 6 months. That figure can even be much longer for certain industries or older job seekers. Dealing with such an extended period of uncertainty

Which Outdated Job Search Strategies Are Holding You Back?

You’ll shorten your job search and receive more employment offers if you get rid of outdated strategies that could be holding you back. While some advice, like showing up on time and proofreading your materials, never goes out of style,

(Video) Avoid 3 Deadly Sins of Your LinkedIn Profile

What are the 3 cardinals sins of a LinkedIn Profile? If you ponder whether you make the deadly sins on your Profile, watch the revealing video below. Help your friends create an excellent LinkedIn Profile by sharing the video.

A Parent’s Guide to Helping Your Adult Child Find a Job

When your adult child is unemployed, it’s tough on you too. It can be heartrending to watch your son or daughter struggle to find a job. On the other hand, it can also be frustrating if it seems like they’re

10 Tips to Successfully Changing Careers

Are you ready for a career change? It’s never too late to try a new career on for size. But, changing careers can be a significant challenge, depending on your career of choice. However, if you’re committed, there’s no reason

(Video) 3 helppoa tapaa tuoda oma osaaminen esille netissä

Ks. uusin videoni How to 3 helppoa tapaa tuoda oma osaaminen esille netissä Someta Duuniin -hankkeen -sivuston blogissa. Miten erottua massasta? Miten tuoda omaa osaamista esille netissä? Miten löytää hyvä harjoittelu- tai työpaikka? Jos tarvitset vihjeitä oman osaamisesi brändämiseen netissä, voit katsoa

15 Valuable Life Skill to Teach Your Teen

As a parent, your job is to take care of your children until the day when they can strike out on their own. While they graduate from high school knowing how to read and write, there are other skills that

(Video) 15 Career Milestones to Set and Celebrate

You can use milestones to give you an overview of your professional journey… …and keep track of your accomplishments. These landmarks include defining moments that signal that you’ve arrived at the next stage in your career. They also include small,

Which Career Is Best for You?

Most people undergo a career change or two over their lifetime. Finding the right career for you can help to make your working years more pleasant and rewarding. If you’re going to spend 40+ hours each week doing something, it

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