A Parent’s Guide to Helping Your Adult Child Find a Job

When your adult child is unemployed, it’s tough on you too. It can be heartrending to watch your son or daughter struggle to find a job. On the other hand, it can also be frustrating if it seems like they’re a little too comfortable living with you instead of trying to support themselves.

As a parent, you want to find the balance between helping them to launch their career, and giving them the room they need to take care of their own responsibilities.

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10 Tips to Successfully Changing Careers

Are you ready for a career change? It’s never too late to try a new career on for size. But, changing careers can be a significant challenge, depending on your career of choice.

However, if you’re committed, there’s no reason you can’t find a new line of work that fulfills you and pays the bills.

Think hard before you leap. You may have quite a bit of work ahead.

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(Video) 3 helppoa tapaa tuoda oma osaaminen esille netissä

Ks. uusin videoni How to 3 helppoa tapaa tuoda oma osaaminen esille netissä Someta Duuniin -hankkeen -sivuston blogissa.

Miten erottua massasta? Miten tuoda omaa osaamista esille netissä? Miten löytää hyvä harjoittelu- tai työpaikka? Jos tarvitset vihjeitä oman osaamisesi brändämiseen netissä, voit katsoa videoni täällä

Auta ystäviäsi tuomaan oma osaamisensa esille interneteissä jakamalla videoni heille.

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15 Valuable Life Skill to Teach Your Teen

As a parent, your job is to take care of your children until the day when they can strike out on their own. While they graduate from high school knowing how to read and write, there are other skills that are just as important that may not get covered in the classroom.

Before your teen leaves home, ensure they’re ready to fend for themselves and have a positive impact on the world.

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(Video) 15 Career Milestones to Set and Celebrate

You can use milestones to give you an overview of your professional journey…
…and keep track of your accomplishments.

These landmarks include defining moments that signal that you’ve arrived at the next stage in your career.
They also include small, but meaningful, occasions that brighten up a Monday morning or a routine staff meeting.

Take a moment to assess your work life.

Consider these usual milestones…
…and add some turning points of your own.

Watch the inspiring video below.

15 Career Milestones to Set and Celebrate

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Which Career Is Best for You?

Most people undergo a career change or two over their lifetime. Finding the right career for you can help to make your working years more pleasant and rewarding. If you’re going to spend 40+ hours each week doing something, it would be nice if you enjoyed it.

You might think that all jobs are for the birds. However, the path to freedom requires a source of income. Find one that pleases you.

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Successful Meetings with Your Boss Made Easy

Maybe you’re nervous about meeting with your boss or maybe you rarely see them face-to-face. Either way, having more frequent and effective communications would be beneficial for your career. Regular and productive meetings enable you to make a positive impression and gather information you need to do your job.

Learn how to use meetings with your boss to enhance your working relationship and your performance. Take a look at how to encourage more one-on-one time, and spend it wisely.

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14 Things Successful Candidates Do the Night before a Job Interview

The night before a job interview is usually a bit stressful. You might be thinking about what would happen if you forget the responses you’ve been practicing or say something foolish. You might be wondering how you stack up against the other candidates or whether you have enough relevant experience.

At the same time, you want to show up confident and prepared so that you’ll make a positive impression. To increase your chances of receiving a job offer, run down the following checklist for what to do on interview eve.

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A Job-Hunters Guide to Contacting Companies

Searching for a job often means looking for who is hiring. You contact others in your network and browse through employment listings. However, you could also turn the process around and start looking at where you want to work regardless of any current vacancy.

Exploring these kinds of passive openings has advantages for you and your potential employer because you’re targeting opportunities where you would excel. Find out how to identify organizations where you want to work, and how to communicate with them, using these strategies.

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(Video) Ask Yourself These Six Questions to Develop Your Own Definition of Success

Do you have your own definition of success? Most people are trying to live up to society’s definition of success without considering if this is the best option for them.

Ask others what success means and you’re likely to hear a variation of these answers:

  • Fancy car or two – Mercedes, BMW, Lexus
  • Nice house – Big, with a swimming poolwith a beautiful garden
  • Respectable corporate job – something worthy of bragging about
  • Attractive spouse

Those things are fine if they’re of your own choosing. But, if you take the time to think about it, your definition of success might be: Single, traveling the world, running my own business from a laptop, having adventures each day, and wearing flipflops at least eight hours each day. A person with this definition of success would be miserable in the first scenario.

You might find yourself accomplishing something that doesn’t appeal to you in the end.

Avoid disappointment by creating your own definition of success!

Watch the practical video below to create your own definition of success.

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