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How to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile to Make Your Job Seeking More Effective

Almost 95% of recruiters use LinkedIn to search for candidates, but most job seekers are overlooking this valuable opportunity.

If you’re like many professionals, you probably created a profile, added the basic information about your work experience and education. Furthermore, you occasionally go back to add more connections. However, there is so much more you can do with this platform to advance your career.

Take charge of your future and attract more attention from potential employers. Try these tips for designing and improving your LinkedIn profile.

Designing your LinkedIn Profile:

  1. Edit your headline. Start by writing a specific headline. Tell employers what value you add and make them want to learn more. Keep your audience in mind and avoid technical terms that may be unfamiliar to them.
  2. Update your summary (About section). Your summary is where you can add more details and showcase your achievements. Provide concrete examples to describe your impact. Add attachments like videos and work samples to help you stand out.
  3. Choose your photo. Pick an image that looks professional and positive. Focus on your face and use flattering natural light.
  4. Add keywords. Help recruiters and automated search tools to find you. Browse through job descriptions, resumes and other LinkedIn Profiles for keywords that are popular in your field and include them in your profile, including the headline and summary.
  5. Choose your URL. LinkedIn gives your profile a cryptic URL, but you need to shorten it to make better impact. If your name is already taken, use a slight variation with your middle initial.
  6. Welcome recruiters. Is your profile visible and welcoming to recruiters? Go into your Dashboad or privacy settings to be sure that you’ve opted to let them know that you want to hear from them. You’ll need to reset this switch every few months if you’re still looking.
  7. Be consistent. Your resume is usually written for a specific opening while your profile is a more general statement. Still, you want them to be similar enough to avoid causing any confusion.
  8. Check the meter. LinkedIn provides a profile strength meter to help you rate yourself. It will give you helpful recommendations about additional steps you can take, such as adding more information about your projects, courses, volunteer work and languages.

Using your LinkedIn Profile:

  1. Gather recommendations and endorsements. Recruiters want to know what others say about you. Ask former employers and your other contacts for recommendations. Use your endorsements to advertise skills that are in high demand.
  2. Write and publish. Share your knowledge and insights on the LinkedIn publishing platform. Develop a content strategy and use a calendar that will remind you to publish regularly. Your article doesn’t have to be long. Just make sure to add a great headline and image to create interest.
  3. Join groups. Look for groups in your subject area and participate actively. Post articles and answer questions. Avoid any temptation to over-promote yourself.
  4. Monitor your connections. Stay on the lookout for valuable connections to add to your network. Send them personal invitations that will make a positive impression.
  5. Encourage others. Think of LinkedIn as a community where you can exchange ideas and support. Comment on posts from other users and share them with your own connections.
  6. Be discreet. While you’re working to raise your visibility, keep in mind that there may be times when you want to keep your job-hunting activities off view from your current boss and HR department. Edit your summary at times and change your privacy settings so you can control what information you want to make public.

Optimizing your LinkedIn profile can make it easier for others to find you and help you reach your professional goals. After editing your Profile, just be ready for a surge of Invites and meeting inquiries 🙂

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CV englanniksi

Etsitkö erottuvaa ja markkinoivaa CV-pohjaa englanniksi?

Löydät erinomaisen CV-pohjan englanniksi tämän blogin lopusta. Lue ensin alla olevat vihjeet, miten muokkaat myyvän ansioluettelon.

How to Write a Great Resume

If you’re in the market for a new job, the quality, clarity and customization of your resume can make all the difference. With careful planning and proper formatting, you can write a great resume that just may land you your dream job.

Here are some quick resume tips to get you on your way:

  1. Be concise. Your goal is to get your point across quickly and effectively. Don’t fill your resume with fluff. Chances are your potential employer won’t have a lot of time to read every detail, so stick with the meat.
  • Start with action verbs. If you start your sentences with action verbs in the past tense, you’ll be stating your past jobs in a brief, yet effective, way.
  • An example would be using a sentence that starts with ”Managed” or ”Coached” instead of starting a description with ”I was a manager of a sales team.”
  • Targeting. Make sure that your resume reflects your interest in the job you want. This means you’ll want to place all the relevant job information at the top or at the head of a section where it’s most likely to be seen.
  • Oftentimes the manager won’t be the first one to read your resume. Target your information with the right keywords so you make the first cut.
  • Keywords. Include the relevant keywords associated with the position you’re seeking. Tweak your resume to include the job title you want as well as the keywords associated with your potential job functions.
  • This is especially important because employers may be searching for your resume online by querying these specific keywords.
  • Bullet Points. It’s important to break up your text with bullet points to avoid lengthy paragraphs. This also helps employers gain the information they need while quickly skimming your resume.
  • One Page. You probably have a lot to say on your resume. Even if you keep your resume to the main points, you may be tempted to submit a resume that’s several pages long. Don’t give in to this temptation! If you need to trim down, try deleting some of the items not relevant to the job.
  • If you must go beyond the one page rule, keep the resume to two pages, maximum.
  • Don’t get fancy. There’s no need to provide intricate designs or colored textured paper. It’s recommended that you stick to white paper. You’ll stand out to your employer because of the fantastic skills listed on the paper, not because of the quality paper itself or the unique font you picked.
  • Explain your skills. Don’t just provide a laundry list of your skill set. You can still remain brief while explaining how your skills can benefit the company. This tip alone can greatly improve your chances of getting noticed.
  • Tweak your template. You may have found a template to use online to build your resume. These can be useful to help you get an idea of what a resume should include.
  • Avoid silly mistakes. Be sure to go over the final copy thoroughly. It may help to have a professional or trusted friend read it first before submitting. Be sure your resume is grammatically correct and avoid typos at all costs.

If you keep these tips in mind, you’ll be well on your way to landing that dream job. Now the only thing you’ll need to think about is the interview!

Voit ladata erottuvan ja myyvän CV:n englanniksi (Word-template) tästä

You can dowload an outstanding resume here

Ilmainen CV-pohja kuvalla

Etsitkö ilmaista ansioluettelopohjaa kuvalla?
Moderni ja erottuva CV on visuaalinen ja siihen kannattaa aina lisätä oma kuva ylänurkkaan.

Jos et ole taitto- tai kuvankäsittelyohjelmien asiantuntija, ei hätää. Netistä löytyy satoja ilmaisia, editoitavia CV-pohjia.

Ilmaisia CV-pohjia löydät seuraavilta verkkosivuilta:

Jos haluat tehdä näyttävän verkkoansioluettelon, suosittelemme Strikingly-sivustoa:

Siellä on myös verkkoportfolioon soveltuvia templateja.

Kaikki yllämainitut sivustot sisältävät myös maksullisia ansioluettelomalleja, jos haluat lisää tuunausmahdollisuuksia.

Maksullisia CV-pohjia löydät täältä:

Jos haluat palautetta ja sparrausta tekemääsi CV-pohjaan, ota kernaasti yhteyttä tämän sivun lopussa olevan lomakkeen kautta!

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Tuloksellisen työnhaun podcastit ja videot

Katso ajankohtaisia videoita ja kuuntele inspiroivia podcasteja, jotka auttavat sinua tunnistamaan omat vahvuutesi, suunnittelemaan urapolkuasi ja löytämään unelmiesi työpaikan.

Haaga-Helia ammattikorkeakoulun URA-tiimi tekee säännöllisesti Kohti työtulevaisuuttasi -sarjan podcasteja ja videoita, jotka auttavat sinua etenemään urapolullasi. Ne julkaistaan Haaga-Helian eSignals-verkkojulkaisussa.

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(Opas) 5 tapaa hyödyntää LinkedIniä oman osaamisen brändäämisessä ja markkinoinnissa

Lue uusin oppaani 5 tapaa hyödyntää LinkedIniä oman osaamisen brändäyksessä ja markkinoinnissa.

Oletko tyytyväinen LinkedIn-profiiliisi? Haluatko tuunata siitä myyvemmän? Oletko riittävän aktiivinen LInkedInissä? Oletko hyvä kontaktoinnissa ja vuorovaikutuksessa LinkedInissä? Haluatko hyödyntää ko. kanavaa paremmin oman osaamisesi markkinoinnissa ja brändäyksessä? Jos tarvitset vihjeitä LinkedInin tehokäyttöön, voit ladata oppaani tästä

Voit auttaa ystäviäsi hyödyntämään paremmin LinkedIniä jakamalla oppaani heille.

Kiitos ja onnistumisia työnhaussa,


Näin brändäät omaa osaamistasi

Miten voit brändätä omaa osaamistasi ja kokemustasi?

Miten voit erottua muista työnhakijoista tai palveluntarjoajista?

Ks. oheiset uudet videot ja kuuntele uusi podcast (linkki lopussa):

Kolme tapaa tunnistaa ja kuvata omaa osaamista

Kolme keinoa brändätä itsesi työnhaussa

Oman osaamisen markkinointi

3 helppoa tapaa tuoda omaa osaamista esille netissä

Podcast Tuoko urasuunnittelu menestystä vai paineita


What Will You Do When Your Job Search Takes Longer Than Expected?

Most recruiters today advise their clients that the average search for a professional position lasts about 6 months. That figure can even be much longer for certain industries or older job seekers.

Dealing with such an extended period of uncertainty and rejection is hard on your self-esteem and peace of mind. You may also face financial pressure, especially if you’re unemployed.

If your job search is taking longer than you expected, it’s important to find a way to stay motivated and persistent.

Download your free guide here for assessing your efforts and maintaining a positive attitude.

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Which Outdated Job Search Strategies Are Holding You Back?

You’ll shorten your job search and receive more employment offers if you get rid of outdated strategies that could be holding you back. While some advice, like showing up on time and proofreading your materials, never goes out of style, there are other tactics that are no longer effective.

If you’ve been out of the job market for a while or you just want to maximize your opportunities, consider these strategies. They’ll help you update your game plan.

Download your free guide here to replace outdated methods with modern techniques that help you make a positive impression.

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Please share this article to help your friends learn how to change their job-hunting game plan.

(Video) Avoid 3 Deadly Sins of Your LinkedIn Profile

  • What are the 3 cardinals sins of a LinkedIn Profile?

If you ponder whether you make the deadly sins on your Profile, watch the revealing video below.

Help your friends create an excellent LinkedIn Profile by sharing the video.

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